RealJamieGold RT @unfoundation: We have made progress to combat HIV/AIDS, malaria & other diseases but the #MDGmomentum needs to continue. RT to join in!
RealJamieGold @EricRaskin appreciate you thinking of me, would be an honor. @briankoppelman I'm a longtime fan, show is brilliant.
RealJamieGold @rstef14 @shrpo @SHRThePokerRoom wasn't sure I could make 1st event, last flight 7pm? I'm only an hour away...look forward to seeing you!
RealJamieGold RT @Jason_Pollock: True style has very little to do with the clothes we wear, and a lot more to do with the vibes we put out into the unive…
RealJamieGold Looking forward to playing Main Event @shrpo @SHRThePokerRoom Ray Stefanelli and crew do a fantastic series. Maybe Event 1e tonight?
RealJamieGold RT @WSOP: .@RealJamieGold, @JRD312 & @ylonpoker headline Day 1B of the @PBKCPokerRoom Main Event. Follow the action:
RealJamieGold RT @WSOP: .@RealJamieGold and defending @PBKCPokerRoom re-entry winner @mauricehawkins headline today's restart in Florida:
RealJamieGold incredible night last night, little video from event.
RealJamieGold Huge success last night we sold out thanks to Pat and the whole team @VarietySoCal #poker #charity @ParamountPics
RealJamieGold RT @AwardShowUpdate: @RealJamieGold at the 4th Annual Variety - The Children's Charity Of Southern CA Texas Hold 'Em Poker Tournament http:…
RealJamieGold "@FoxwoodsGeorge: Was fun playing with Jamie Gold yesterday. Awesome table talk skills and super nice guy." WAS A PLEASURE TY!
RealJamieGold Card dead hadn't won a hand all day, with 12k chips I flop top two pair and get it all in, they turn bigger two pair. #notmyday GL ALL
RealJamieGold Ok here we go @wsop @A_Rich_VERIFIED, honored to start 2014 Main event in 5 mins Pavillion Yellow table 332 for all those asking will update
RealJamieGold "@JoshCohen1063: Wondering how my boy Jamie is doing right about now at the WSOP.... #wsop". I don't play till tomorrow brother day1c
RealJamieGold RT @TEDTalks: "I would like to see a country where we all assume that we want what’s best for each other."
RealJamieGold RT @_JeannieDuffy: Had the pleasure of meeting and playing with this guy :) @RealJamieGold @1scf
RealJamieGold @RollingWithJZ my little brother so proud of you! Honored to support and donate @1scf. #celebrity #charity #poker.
RealJamieGold RT @EricMizrachi: Playing the fun celeb charity event for @1scf, my table @realjamiegold @_jeannieduffy @MarcelLuske!
RealJamieGold RT @WSOP: If you weren't there to see it in person, here's @Downtownchad Brown's honorary bracelet ceremony:
RealJamieGold @Downtownchad was one of the nicest kindest guys I've ever travelled with. Class till the end, which came too fast #gladtohavehadthetimewya
RealJamieGold RT @LifeExtension: Anthocyanins found in black beans, blueberries, and wine protect against #diabetes. Are you eating them?
RealJamieGold "@nolandalla: Chad Brown's WSOP Gold Bracelet" awesome important moment in @wsop history. @wsopSUITd truly inspired.
RealJamieGold RT @Jen_Wittman: How $1 TODAY can change future of thyroid & autoimmune care @RickiLake @AbbyEpstein #WeedThePeople
RealJamieGold "@MarkHokeShow: looks like my 500th show falls on Sunday night at 6:30 PM. Great to do it at the @wsop! #WSOP" congrats my friend! #500more

Jamie Gold is many things, world champion, poker ambassador, and a former Hollywood agent. With his many accomplishments, perhaps the best word that describes Jamie is “Philanthropist.”

The winner of the biggest poker event in history with 8,772 players and an $87 million prize pool, World Series of Poker Main Event Champion Jamie Gold led the field for 15 hours a day, 10 days straight. Bluff Magazine described his original table talk strategy as "transforming his play into an artform". ESPN called it "The most dominant performances we may ever see in that game."

Nicknamed "The Poker Philanthropist" by members of the media and his peers, he has helped raise over $300 million for charitable causes worldwide as a host, emcee or donator at 170 events in the last 8 years.

Gold currently works most closely with the World Poker Tour Foundation, the MDA, and the Global Creative Forum for the United Nations for causes he believes will make the world a better place for so many others.

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