RealJamieGold RT @onedrop: Drought-stricken California only has one year of water left, Nasa scientist warns:
RealJamieGold This is great news for @WSOP and the future full legality of online #Poker in the US.
RealJamieGold @CMONEYMAKER well done, honest insight for the new book! @EricRaskin did a fantastic job.
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RealJamieGold Looks like a fun schedule, hope they break some records! @Wsop Poker News: 2015 WSOP Schedule Released
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Jamie Gold is many things, world champion, poker ambassador, and a former Hollywood agent. With his many accomplishments, perhaps the best word that describes Jamie is “Philanthropist.”

The winner of the biggest poker event in history with 8,772 players and an $87 million prize pool, World Series of Poker Main Event Champion Jamie Gold led the field for 15 hours a day, 10 days straight. Bluff Magazine described his original table talk strategy as "transforming his play into an artform". ESPN called it "The most dominant performances we may ever see in that game."

Nicknamed "The Poker Philanthropist" by members of the media and his peers, he has helped raise over $300 million for charitable causes worldwide as a host, emcee or donator at 170 events in the last 8 years.

Gold currently works most closely with the World Poker Tour Foundation, the MDA, and the Global Creative Forum for the United Nations for causes he believes will make the world a better place for so many others.

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